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Dale Moss

It Goes Down In The DM


Total Body Wellness




Access training secrets from industry leaders that are utilized by Professional Athletes, Fitness Experts and thousands across the country.



See it. Feel it. Do it. Check out our extensive collection of videos that go beyond just training. We bring the best in food, fashion and fitness together in one place. 

Mindfulness & Goal Setting

The key to total wellness is being physically and mentally strong. Our goal is to create a community that sees lasting results by focusing on the mental approach to fitness. 



through first hand experience working witht the best and brightest minds across the globe our team has developed unmatched programs that bring guaranteed results. our goal is sustainability and this is achieved by giving you the tools and guidance both phycially and mentally for life long change. .


A  Mindful

What sets us a part from everyone else is we don't want to TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT we want to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT so you can make it your own. By stimulating the muscles and the mind you not only see lasting results, but you develop positive habits that will allow you to be your best self in your everyday life! With a specialization in Goal Setting, Personal Growth and Leadership training the #DMfit team gives you the foundation and guidance to achieve your goals. 


Community Creators 

Nobody does it alone and we believe the best way to help the masses is through partnerships and collaborations. See how we go above and beyond to help other gyms, brands, and fitness influencers reach a larger audience and develop a culture that drives brand awareness and proves ROI. .

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Partnerships &


Having an all encompassing approach to health & wellness allows us to focus on the core values every successful brand must have.

Purpose, Passion and Community are what drive us to do what we do and we have successfully helped brands grow engagement, boost sales and connect on a higher level with their audience and community!

" As a Pro Athlete, Influencer and Creative Director I've developed campaigns, created content and collaborated for some of the health and wellness industries largest brands"
- Dale Moss


& Purpose

"My goal has always been to share my life experiences with others so they can live a healthy life by growing stronger physically, mentally and emotionally every day".